Express Entry PR

Canadian Permanent Residence for Foreign Skilled Workers
People of different professions
Express Entry is a new electronic application management system, which covers Canada’s key economic immigration programs:
Faster processing times through online applications
Express Entry is a way for Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage economic immigration applications online. Those prospective skilled foreign workers who are selected can take advantage of faster processing times.
The Express Entry System creates a pool of candidates for immigration to Canada. Canadian Government officials assess candidates based on a number of criteria and will invite the highest-ranked to apply to immigrate to Canada. Therefore, there are requirements not only to get into the pool but also to be chosen from it. Such selection will be completed based on the Comprehensive Ranking System.
Express Entry will also make it easier for candidates to secure a job before they arrive, by facilitating matches with Canadian employers. If you need to get familiar with the details, the Government of Canada has put together the general information in a very comprehensive presentation about Express Entry.
Express Entry

How to Start

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