Immigration Services FAQ

How to immigrate to Canada?

This is a very complex question to answer. Outside of “regular” requirements (at least 1 year of working experience, knowledge of English or French, absence of criminal or medical issues, etc.) each out of 80+ programs has certain unique features and details. The best way to start is to pass FREE Pre-Assessment with us, so your selection of suitable programs can be narrowed to 3-4 options to review seriously.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada?

There are various programs that require a certain level of investment required the general “Rule of Thumb” is that every Applicant must be able to demonstrate the minimal level of self-sufficiency based on family composition. For example - Family of 4 would require demonstrating the available funds in about CAD$25,000. To review details and find out particular requirements a proper Legal Consultation is highly recommended.

Is there an age limit to immigrate to Canada?

No. We have candidates with age ranging from 12 to 82 with various needs and various options.

What is the easiest way to move to Canada?

There is no “generic” answer to this question like there is no “generic” cure from all illnesses. Ordering an in-depth Legal Consultation is highly recommended to avoid costly mistakes in judgment. Each person is unique, so is the program selection.

What is the minimum IELTS score required for Canada immigration?

Generally, we start reviews for people with at least CLB4 level of English, as several programs accept this low score.

How can I get a job in Canada before I move?

By applying job-search skills and by checking our partner – JOBMATCH website to learn everything you need to start right on the Canadian labor market.

How long will the Immigration process take?

Depending on your circumstances, the immigration process can take between several weeks and two years or more. There are several provincial programs designed to speed up the process for certain workers.

I’ve already started the immigration process on my own and I’ve run into problems – can you help me?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, a good percentage of our clientele finds it very beneficial to get us involved at various stages of their processing. Although we typically oversee immigration files through from start to finish, we may be able to assist you if you have started the process on your own and you are now experiencing difficulties with Immigration Canada. We will charge you on a contractual or on a per hour basis for these services – it’s always negotiable. Our clients in this category usually send us a list of questions through e-mail, and we send back a detailed response before we agree to represent them. Then we discuss everything during our confidential Legal Consultation.

Can you assist me in finding business opportunities or property once I arrive in Canada?

We may be able to assist in these areas through our many partners. We encourage our clients to stay in touch with us once they arrive, as we can be a valuable source of information in all aspects of Canadian Legal system. And many clients use our licensed services in Real-Estate (Commercial and Residential) to buy their first home or purchase a business with us.

How to locate employment upon arrival in Canada?

We encourage our clients to be pro-active in terms of the employment search. But we understand the enormous pressure on finding employment while people stay overseas – with that in mind we established a very effective relationship with several JOBMATCH that is able to assist our clients with job-search. Due to huge demand, we limit this service to our own immigration clients only.

I would like to assess my educational credentials prior to my immigration application. How can I do it?

Since Educational Assessment became a requirement in April of 2014, we establish the working relationship with authorized assessment agencies in Canada and provide this service to our clients at discounted rates. Assessment is part of our immigration package now.

Can you help me to find the status of my file because we are waiting for 2 years now?

It’s not really unusual for the file to be “inactive” for two years, especially in high-volume countries like the Philippines or China. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to find out what’s going on with your application. We do CAIPS search for own and independent applicants on a discounted basis.

Can you assist me with the Immigration Appeal?

Yes, we do provide appeal assistance and we encourage every potential appellant to contact us as soon as they receive refusal notice to find if there is a valuable ground for appeal. These issues are very time-sensitive and must be addressed in an urgent matter.

I’d like to use your services. How do we get started?

We’ll send you our Initial Application to determine your chances of success. If we determine that you have a reasonable chance of success at securing a PR-status or any Visa of your interest, we will agree to represent you (we will not waste your time, your money nor our time and our reputation if you have little or no chance of success).

Then many potential Clients choose to proceed with private Legal Consultation and benefit for an in-depth discussion about their specific situations.

Are you acting on a contractual basis?

We will send you an agreement by email, which will give you details about our fees and the services we will provide to you. After you receive it, you will sign it and email it back to us. After we receive the signed agreement, we’re ready to begin the immigration process.

How much your representation would cost me?

No matter how long the process takes, we use the convenient and reliable fixed fee structure based on the contract and the result (NOT on time spend), so your fee will cover all our work during that period.

What is the difference between Canadian Business Visa and Startup Visa?

The major difference between Business Visa and Startup Visa is that the Startup Visa (even though it is called a 'Visa') is the Permanent Residency in Canada path. However, the Business Visa is a temporary visa for businessmen to come to Canada for an extended period of time to build a new business or operate an existing one. Business Visa comes with the proper Canadian Work Permit issuance with the business that the candidate intends to operate as an employer.

Startup Visa has an incorporated opportunity to come to Canada before (!) the Permanent Resident of Canada status is granted, and that is also a Work Permit – that is the only similarity of these two programs.

Overall, both programs are complex but very useful and lucrative for business-people. Therefore, consultation is highly recommended to select a proper path.

What happens to the Startup business after the PR is granted?

Since there is no guidance from the Government on maintaining the business after the PR is granted and a Startup team successfully landed, there are three outcomes for the Startup project. A team may continue building the business in Canada; a team can reassess their priorities and hold on with the business accordingly or close it completely; a team may decide to slightly change the direction of the business and make some adjustments. Learn more in our special video about Startup businesses after the granted PR.

Is my idea innovative enough for the Startup Visa Program?

First of all, you need to know the difference between innovation and invention. Once you come up with your idea, be ready to explain how your product/services will resolve customer problems. At this stage, we will be happy to discuss your idea and guide you on wether it is innovative or not, and how you can improve it to meet one of the main requirements for the Startup Visa Program. Also, you are welcome to watch our video explanation covering the question if your idea is innovative enough.