We can help you with your CAIPS & FOSS Notes
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We provide administrative support to our own clients and/or you can also use our service for obtaining the CAIPS / FOSS Notes, Entire File or Additional Services even if you have retained another immigration lawyer/consultant.
What are CAIPS Notes?
Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) is an automated system for application processing outside Canada. Normally, information is entered in the system from application forms and supporting documentation submitted by applicants for immigrant and visitor visas, returning residence permits and student and employment authorizations.
What are FOSS Notes?
Field Operational Support System (FOSS) is the main operational support for Immigration operation in Canada.
Why order CAIPS Notes from us?
We provide decoding. Some of the codes used within the CAIPS file may be difficult to interpret and sometimes impossible to decode due to multiple sections, various quotes, and legal terminology.
We take it seriously! Unlike various service providers, we are required by law to keep your file confidential and do not disclose it to third parties without your consent.
Simple and secure payments. PayPal, Credit Card & Bank Draft options are available.t.
Stay with us and save! 25% discounts offered on repeat orders.
CAIPS / FOSS Package

By processing your CAIPS/FOSS request with Anyvisa experts you get:

  • Decoding Expertise – Comprehensive Review by immigration professional.
  • Reliable Advisory – Our service is licensed by ICCRC and we are bonded and insured.
  • Faster order processing time – Direct application from Canada by the Canadian legal service.
  • Various delivery formats – Have the file mailed to you or emailed as a PDF.
General Consultation
General Consultation
If you have not received your Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) then your CAIPS/GCMS Notes most likely have not been created yet. In exceptional situations, we do request CAIPS Notes without AOR if they can help to find out whether the Immigration Office has started processing the application or not.
It takes at least 30 working days to complete the request and takes longer if Citizenship and Immigration Canada has to collect information from overseas offices.
Your personal CAIPS Notes will have valuable information on the processing of your Canadian permanent residence application. CAIPS is NOT the same as the “e-Client”, which only provides limited information on the status of your application.